There are 6 carp fishing spots, of which 4 are opened up for use, that are very well accessible through grass covered paths constructed for walking and driving. Fishing spots 1, 2 and 5 are located at the south-east side of the lake and will receive sun from midday until sundown. Fishing spots 3, 4 and 6 are located on the north-west side of the lake and receive sun during the morning until 2.00 pm. Please note that fishing spots 5 and 6 are not open for use. These fishing spots are closed to give the guests more space and the carp their rest. In the lake you will find common-, mirror- and grass carp up to 60 lbs. Recently a significant number of carp, weighing between 6 and 33 lbs, have been added to the lake.

Het Broek is a subdivision of Gebr. Joosten Beheer BV

Carp fishing

Would you like to enjoy carp fishing in The Netherlands, then you have come to the right address! Our venue is located in a small town called Gendt near Arnhem and Nijmegen.


We offer 2 beautiful fishing venues, right in the heart of nature, with a total surface of over 11.5 acres and where you can find carp up to 60 lbs.


All facilities are there. You can have a meal or drink in our clubhouse. On request this can be served at your fishing spot. At every fishing spot there is a picknick table for your comfort.

The clubhouse offers room for up to 40 guests and has a separate entrance to the ‘fishers quarters’ where you can use the toilet or take a shower. A storage with power supply is available for each carp fisher.


There is a fenced and gravelled parking area on the venue grounds that offers room for 30 cars.



Our venue