Cherry orchard

In addition to our Vis- en recreatieplassen Het Broek we also offer 20 completely new camper places with facilities! Every camper owner is welcome for a stop or for a longer stay to relax and enjoy the beautiful place. The camper park is located at walking distance from the Fishing venue.





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Het Broek is a subdivision of Gebr. Joosten Beheer BV

For enthusiasts of nature and culture

In spring and summer we offer the possibility for groups to visit a 20.000 m² traditional cherry orchard, within walking distance. The cherry orchard, owned by the Joosten brothers, is part of the recreation complex.


In the period prior to the cherry season (may – June) you can enjoy the beautiful blossom of the cherry trees. The cherries from this orchard are still picked and the starlings are still being deterred as it happened 100 years ago.